Windows 7-Diskcryptor

Warning: UUHSC, University of Utah and the College of Nursing take no responsibility for damages, data loss or performance issues from enabling encryption. If you choose to enable encryption yourself, back up your laptop files before proceeding. If you do not feel comfortable following these steps consider taking your laptop to a third party Tech support for help.

Diskcryptor  is a free whole disk encryption option for Windows 7 laptops. You can find the software and information on the product here:

Warning: Do not use Diskcryptor on Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Follow this tutorial for help on encrypting your windows 7 laptop with Diskcryptor. Please watch the entire tutorial before starting this process. As with any encryption program it is recommended you back up all files and software before enabling encryption.

Step By Step Diskcryptor Instructions (If you get a blank screen open in another browser to view video)