Encrypting Windows 10 With BitLocker Encryption Part 1

This article is intended for those who already have Windows 10 installed on their computers.

Read the entire page before beginning these steps.

Warning: UUHSC, University of Utah and the College of Nursing take no responsibility for damages, data loss or performance issues from enabling encryption. If you choose to enable encryption yourself, back up your laptop files before proceeding. If you do not feel comfortable following these steps consider taking your laptop to a third party Tech support for help.

Encrypting Windows 10 Using BitLocker

To Encrypt your Windows 10 computer using BitLocker you will need either Windows 10 Pro or Education Versions in order to use BitLocker Encryption.

STEP 1: Determine What Version Windows 10 is Installed on your Computer

To determine what version of Windows 10 you have installed first Right-Click on the Start Menu Button then select System.

W10 Version Step1

The highlighted area below shows the where the information can be found.

W10 Version Step2

Option A: If you already have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise Installed Click Here

Option B: If you don’t have Windows 10 Pro or Education Versions you can get Windows 10 Education Version for FREE through the University.

STEP 2: GET Windows 10 Education Version

To get Windows 10 Education Version go to:


Click: Students

Click: Start Shopping

Login With Your uNID & Password


You Will Be Brought Back to This Page Again Click: Students


Click: Windows 10


Click: Add To Cart


Sign the Microsoft Student Option Acceptance Form and Click: I Accept


Compete Survey and Click: Next


Click: Proceed With Order


Answer Questions and Click: Next


You Will Receive Your Product Key Here (Be Sure to Keep it Somewhere Safe, example: email it to yourself)

Click: Start Download


Click: Download


Follow Instructions Highlighted Below


After you have upgraded your Version of Windows to Windows 10 Education click here to enable BitLocker on your laptop.