PhD Information Page

College of Nursing System and Technology is available to help:
Monday –Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at

PhD CONSYSTECH Point of Contact:
Dave Blanford [email protected] 801 585 0436

Cisco Meeting
    • UEN Help desk support for students
    • CON SYSTECH scheduling support
    • CON SYSTECH recording support
    • CON SYSTECH/UEN guest speaker testing and support.

Create a zoom link that can be used all semester & automatically records:

Share and trim zoom recordings from canvas:

Guest Speakers best practice:

Other services provided for the PhD Program
    • Help with editing recordings:
      Cole Wandler [email protected]
    • Virtual PhD Orientation Week
    • Virtual PhD Intensive Week
    • Setup and Recording of PhD Dissertation Defenses
    • Setup of Graduate Nursing Program Information Sessions